Opera Education Project - All About Verdi's Operas

With the aim of enhancing the understanding and appreciation of opera among young people, this school-based education project offers an overview on and an opportunity to learn about 19th century operas by renowned Italian Romantic composer Giuseppe Verdi.


Deadline: 30/11/2012 (Fri)

Cantonese Opera Education Project - Cantonese Opera Treasures at Yau Ma Tei

As the traditional art is one of Hong Kong’s cultural treasures, the renovated Yau Ma Tei Theatre has become the cradle for nurturing emerging talents of Cantonese opera. This project will introduce the art to local students in an interactive manner, as they discover the cultural history  of Cantonese Opera in Yau Ma Tei.

Canton Opera_ENG

Deadline: 28/11/2012 (Wed) 

Contemporary Dance Education Project - The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series

This project aimed to further promote the art form of contemporary dance in the community and to increase their awareness of the local creative talents in this art-form. The HKAF will engage researchers and dance educators to develop related outreach activities. To facilitate teachers' arrangement, two modules are available for selection. 


Deadline: 30/10/2012 (Tue) 

Interested teachers please contact us for further details - Ms Chan 2828 4906 or alyson.chan@hkaf.org.