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[Event Cancelled and Postponed] Star Chat: Candace Chong

Due to the safety concern and serious traffic disruptions, the event "Star Chat: Candance Chong" on 20 November will be cancelled and rescheduled.


Candace Chong, five-time winner of Hong Kong Drama Awards (Best Script), is renowned for constructing in-depth characterization and intense conflicts between characters. She doesn’t confine her works to one particular theme for they always come across discussion of humanity, romance and social ideologies: Alive in the Mortuary (2002), The French Kiss (2005), Murder in San José (2009) and The Wild Boar (2012), among others. Her famed television drama, My Very Short Marriage (2017) digs deep into love and the pain of marriage and was later adapted into a play in 2019.

This year, Cultural Literacy Programme co-presents “Star Chat” with Young Friends of the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Candace Chong will meet with the moderator, Dr Tong Yui from Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, to share her struggling and joyous moments as a playwright, as well as the creative process of her latest play We are Gay (2020) commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival. She will also talk about how we can respond to society through theatre.

The talk is not to be missed by anyone interested in theatre arts and scriptwriting!

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Star Chat: Candace Chong

Date: 20.11.2019 (Wed)
Time: 15:45 - 17:15
Venue: LT3, Cha Chi-ming Science Tower, Ho Sin Hang Campus, HKBU

Fee: Free Admission
***The Event will be conducted in Cantonese