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[Online Programme] Young Friends Music Theatre Special: E=mc2


In early 20th century, physicist Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity and the famous mass-energy equivalence formula, E=mc2, which overturned the way people perceived the world. E=mc2 indicated that energy and mass were interchangeable, and that, under the right conditions, energy can become mass, and vice versa. Both may not disappear, increase nor decrease…

The theories roused mankind’s desire to explore the true order of the world, questioning the relationship between humans and objects. But can science explain everything? Can it explain, for instance, the complexity of human relationships?

Three secondary school students are preparing a theatre production E=mc2, written by their physics teacher, to celebrate their school’s 40th anniversary. What life lesson can they learn in the process?

Approx. 1 hr 30 mins with no interval
Performed in Cantonese with Chinese surtitles


Original Story
Terence Sin

Playwright and Director
Octavian Chan

Composer and Music Director
Joseph Ho

Jarita Wan

Donald Chan
Samantha Tse
Mida Pang
Wan Tsz-leung
Rick Cheung

Live Band
Mark Wong
Max Chan
Bernard Chan
Anna Fan



    Late March to Late April



    Pre-show in-school workshop (conducted in Cantonese) is available for this programme. 
    (Applicable to School Members)