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Cantonese Opera Noah's Ark

Cantonese opera veterans Man Chin-sui and Leung Siu-sum adapted the Great Flood from the Bible for Cantonese opera in 2010, in a show that was well received by audiences. This 2021 production, featuring both young Hong Kong artists and veteran stars, and given a magnificent lift by Lai Yiu-wai, disciple of Man Chin-sui. With set and costumes designs inspired by Tao Fong Shan gospel porcelain and Chinese paper-cutting, it promises extra pomp and bravura. A spectacular Cantonese opera with a modern twist for all ages to enjoy!



A spectacular ground-breaking performance by Cantonese opera veterans and emerging stars. 
A contemporary take on the Biblical story, suitable for families and audience of all ages

In 2010, Cantonese opera veterans Man Chin-sui and Leung Siu-sum decided to adapt the Great Flood from the Book of Genesis for Cantonese opera, and the ground-breaking venture met with an enthusiastic response. Trailblazing as it was, it was artistically traditional to the core, honouring all the quintessential elements of Cantonese opera, with mellifluous lyrics and melodies which touched audiences’ hearts. The new production for the 49th HKAF features both distinguished masters such as Sun Kim-long and Tang Mi-ling, prominent stars, such as Lam Tin-yau and Cheng Nga-ki, and is imbued with new energy by Lai Yiu-wai, a disciple of Man Chin-sui. With set and costume designs inspired by Chinese paper-cutting and Tao Fong Shan gospel porcelain,  and an all-local cast and production team bringing youthful creativity and contemporary theatrical elements to the project, this new production promises impressive pomp and bravura as well as the memorable singing and brilliant staging of the original production.

Behind-the-scenes videos for this special opera are available as part of the PLUS programme. 

This production is revived and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Approx 3 hrs incl one interval
Performed in Cantonese with English and Chinese surtitles


This production is revived and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Executive Producer
Canto Op

Artistic Directors
Man Chin-sui and Leung Siu-sum

Lai Yiu-wai 

Man Chin-sui

Script Revised by
Man Chin-sui and Lai Yiu-wai

Leung Wai-hong and Lai Yiu-wai

Creative Team

Costume Design 
Cathy Siu

Set Design
Cheung Ching-wo

Lighting Design
Leung Wai-hong

Musical Arrangement
Janet Wong

Music and Production Team

Percussion Leader
Ko Yun-kun

Music Leader
Ser Ka-lok

Stage Manager
Leung Wai-hong

Executive Stage Manager
Ko Man-him and Chan Oi-lin

Martial Arts Instructor
Hon Yin-ming


Sun Kim-long as Noah
Tang Mi-ling as Noah’s wife
Chan Hung-chun as Seru, the tribal chief
Lam Tin-yau as Shem
Cheng Nga-ki as Shem’s wife
Mitche Choi as Ham
Sum Yung as Ham’s wife
Ng Lap-hei as Japheth 
Leung Sum-yee as Japheth’s wife


Photo credit

Elements in the image provided through the courtesy of Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre



    Grand Theatre, HK Cultural Centre

    18 - 19 / 3 / 2021  19:30
    19 / 3 / 2021  14:30


    Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre

    20 / 3 / 2021  19:30
    21 / 3 / 2021  14:30



    Grand Theatre, HK Cultural Centre (18 & 19 Mar)
    Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre (20 & 21 Mar)



    Online workshop (conducted in Cantonese) is available for this programme. 
    (Applicable to School Members)