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BĂ©jart Ballet Lausanne

Conceived as both an homage to Béjart Ballet Lausanne founder Maurice Béjart and as an extension of his creative vision, stage director Marc Hollogne’s Dixit is a groundbreaking cinema-ballet-theatre production. It brings together archival film of Béjart and of excerpts from his signature pieces with choreographies by Gil Roman, in an unforgettable dialogue between past and present, achieved through the seamless integration of live and recorded performances.



A poetic dialogue in dance between the present and the past 

The living legacy of the great Maurice Béjart

Dixit was created for the stage by director Marc Hollogne to mark both the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne by its choreographer Maurice Béjart, and the 10th anniversary of his death.  

Béjart, a polymath who also directed plays, operas and films, believed cinema and ballet to be the greatest artforms of the 20th century. He incorporated many elements of theatre in his dance productions. With Dixit, Marc Hollogne has found a way to break new ground by combining live dance with archival film - including previously unreleased footage featuring Béjart and his dancers - in such a way that each speaks to the other. 

The result is a celebration of Béjart’s achievement in combining the timeless balletic values of grace, elegance and emotional expression, with innovation and cultural eclecticism. 

Dixit also celebrates the continuity of the company’s innovative creativity, under the artistic direction of Gil Roman since Béjart’s passing in 2007. Roman continues to explore new choreographic territory with the company. 

“There are as many questions about how to grasp this creative process as how to dive into the imaginative minds of both Maurice Béjart and Gil Roman.” says Marc Hollogne.




Script and Staging
Marc Hollogne 

Artistic Direction
Gil Roman 

Maurice Béjart
Gil Roman

Costumes Designer
Henri Davila

Lighting Designer
Marc Hollogne
Pierre-Yves Toulot
(Additional adaptation)
Dominique Roman


Photo credit

Gregory Batardon
Marc Hollogne



    7 / 3 / 2020  14:30



    Grand Theatre, HK Cultural Centre



    Pre-show in-school workshop (conducted in Cantonese) is available for this programme. 
    (Applicable to School Members)