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Shanghai Chinese Orchestra
Shanghai Odyssey – The Bund
Composer and Conductor: Christian Jost

Expressing the spirit of the city in sounds and images, this work encompasses both Shanghai’s storied past and aspirational future. This production features a large ensemble of traditional Chinese instruments accompanied by video of the cityscape.



“Full of rhythms and picture evoking, the music has deviated from the traditional expressions of the national music, presenting the co-existence of Chinese and foreign culture.” Xinmin Evening News

Shanghai Odyssey—The Bund is a five-part symphonic work commissioned and performed by the acclaimed Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. German composer Christian Jost’s composition is a bold interpretation of the city's spirit, taking inspiration from the vibrant lifestyle, spectacular cityscape and eclectic mix of old and new in this megalopolis called the Pearl of the Orient. Since its premiere in 2017, this work has captivated audiences with its fresh take on Chinese musical forms and soundscapes. The concert is accompanied by spectacular images of the cityscape of Shanghai. Just like the city itself, the intertwined music and images constantly alternate between liveliness and calm, new beginnings and echoes of the past.

A programme of Shanghai Culture Week 2020

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The performance is sponsored by SPDB International Holdings Limited

Approx 1 hr 10 mins with no interval



Shanghai Odyssey – The Bund

Chapter 1: Oriental Urban Perfume

Chapter 2: Pearls Reflecting Towers

Chapter 3: The Garden Bridge

Chapter 4: East Nanjing Road

Chapter 5: The BUND

Composer and Conductor: Christian Jost


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Shanghai Chinese Orchestra



    6 / 3 / 2020  20:00



    Concert Hall, HK Cultural Centre