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Traces and Stages of Cantonese opera in Southeast Asia (working title)

Cuba’s legendary “Havana Divas” will share the stage with Cantonese opera veterans from Malaysia and Hong Kong to showcase their lives’ work. Popular repertoires of Yam Bak and Bak Yuk-tong will also be re-staged at the Festival, under the artistic direction of Cantonese opera veterans Danny Li and Law Kar-ying.



Huge audiences flocked to view Cantonese operas across Southeast Asia in the 1950s and 1960s. The artform's popularity spread even to Cuba, where the legendary "Havana Divas" Caridad Amaran and Georgina Wong Guitierrez staged their home-grown shows.  

These extraordinary Cuban stars of yesteryear will share the stage with Malaysian "diva" Choy Yim-Heong and Hong Kong veteran Cantonese opera specialist Danny Li. The artists will showcase their lives’ work across Asia and the Americas through talks, performance excerpts and film clips.  

Throughout the Traces and Stages programme, both Li and renowned Cantonese Opera performer Law Kar-ying will serve as artistic directors on full-length works and highlight excerpts from popular repertoires of Yam Bak and Bak Yuk-tong that toured overseas during the mid-20th century.



    14 / 3 / 2019



    Yau Ma Tei Theatre


    Pre-show in-school workshop (conducted in Cantonese) is available for this programme. 
    (Applicable to School Members)